Is that time of year that we're so excited to be outside that we're outside from just about sunrise to sunset.  The temperature is such that it's comfortable working.  Thus, the majority of our outside time is working. Getting the garden ready, spreading manure, cleaning out the barn, moving animals around, stacking wood, raking, clearing brush, putting the mower deck on the lawn tractor. This weekend, I somehow dried 8 loads of laundry on the clothesline (love the smell of lined dried). Of course the inside work is still there, so come sunset, we're still going strong. All work that leaves us physically exhausted, but happy.  It's so good to look back and think of the weekend and all that was accomplished. 

All this outdoor time is so good for our littles too. They imagined, set stages, dug in the dirt, played ball, drove trucks, played on their swingset, snuggled animals, collected bugs, worms and caterpillars, fed weeds to the animals, played in the mud and got dirty. Really dirty. They are exhausted, but happy. 

I am fairly certain I will be sinking into a deep sleep just a little earlier than usual tonight. I'll be dreaming pleasant dreams of life right here where we belong, at home.



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