Endearing Little Stories

Endearing Stories:

Take one.
1) The puppy cannot get two minute alone. (I totally know how you feel, Holly).

2) He loves being five so much. Talks about how great it is still (he's been five for a month and a half.  Here he cut out little squares of papers and wrote five on each one.  Then he glued them all together and hung them on his wall.
 Here she is, yelling...errr... singing her new song. It goes something like this "I love my mama. My mama is so special. My mama is going to die someday".  Maybe the word 'endearing' won't fit that little ditty she made up.

 4)  The apple crisp was dessert.  I told him to get himself some dessert.  This full pan looked like this when he finished.
 He gobbled it up.  And asked for more. Smart kid.


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