• ]Four truckloads of brush and moving these grape vines 3 feet off the ground...hey, I had something to show for it! I was later than I should have been and we have since had a frost that impacted not only the grapes but these gorgeous flowers too.  Had I been earlier, we could have gotten more. But still, no grapes last year to beginning to bring them back to production mode this year.  Progress! 

 I finally got around to making some jelly with all those berries. Only it didn't set.  All these batches over the years and this is the first one that didn't set! I've made grape a bunch of times before.  Grr.

 Just as I was going to break the seal and try again, my kids asked if it could be for pancakes. Grape syrup for pancakes? Why not?  So, that's what we did.  And that's what we shall do for all 14 pints, so they declare.  Homegrown goodness.  We all love it.


  1. Grape syrup for pancakes sounds delicious!

  2. Aren't they clever! Homesteading obviously is genetic! Enjoy your bounty!



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