Coastal love

This trip contained so many randoms, but the common threads would be a) this was all one day and b) we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area.

A couple of the interesting randoms:
-Audra wanted to walk someplace with sidewalks. Because we have none of those around our house and she's been dreaming of sidewalks.  Apparently it's just not fair that we don't have sidewalks. We have 30 acres to run in but no sidewalks.  We walk on the sandy beaches around the corner from home.  We don't walk on sidewalks regularly.  She's deprived, I know.
 -Adrian insisted on playing his guitar for the fishermen. They were pulling in lobsters and listening to some random farming song.

And the mama guilt.
They said from afar, "Mama, can you get close to that lighthouse?"  Goodness, yes!  They've been before too. Only when they were tiny.  How are there these gorgeous places so close and we haven't been in so long?! 

There's so much good stuff close to home, I really need to make sure we take advantage more often!

Here's a little coastal love.


  1. What a beautiful location. It looks like the boats are coming in so that they don't miss Adrian's concert! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous trip with us.

  2. Such a lovely place! Looks like fantastic memories were made!



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