It feels like just yesterday that we were outside having (another) marvelous picnic in their 'hundred acrewood'.  Picnic season has officially come to a close, it's freezing out there!  My blood needs to thicken up. 

Speaking of freezing, it's so cold out there milking.  Any suggestions for good gloves for hand milking?  I tried wearing the ones I have and it didn't work out too well. Without gloves, my ring finger and my pinky freeze. With gloves, everything is cumbersome and I end up squirting my fingers with milk.  Another learning curve, just when I think I'm in a good groove.  And while you're at it, tell me what you wear for footwear when heading out to the barn before sunrise in the winter months.

But let's talk about not freezing once more with this hundred acrewood picnic. 


  1. That sure came upon you fast! You need to knit yourself some heated gloves!
    Love their picnic set-up. ;0D



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