It's been a long time since I have had an indoor/outdoor cat.  Growing up, we always had at least one or two barn cats. Some friendly, some not.  But, one would be able to spot them meandering around the barn. 

From the apartment dwelling days to our first home, our cats have been exclusively indoor cats.  We lived in the woods prior to this house and a couple times I could hear the fisher cats out back. Sends chills up your spine.
Currently we have just one indoor cat who has graduated from living in the drawer to living under a loveseat.  Apparently the drawer next to the fireplace got a little too toasty for her.  We don't see her much.

But then we have these two cats. Indoor/outdoor cats. Not by our choice, but because that's the way they were when they became a part of our family.  Zip and Zoom are the best of friends.  They are everywhere we are, super loveable and friendly.  They also are fantastic mousers when the weather is right.
Just today when we pulled into the driveway, we saw Zoom laying on the porch steps.  This morning, Zip kept me company in the barn during milking. I just love being outside and then all of a sudden one of these cats arrive out of nowhere for a random pat or snuggle.  I love just looking and appreciating our farm and have a cat jump into my panoramic view.   
Having cats certainly turns a house into a home.



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