Last week, it seemed like I spent the first part of the week preparing for this meal. Day one, I made the feta. Day two the pitas. Day three the yogurt. Day four the falafel and tahini.

I tell you, it was good.
 And you know the very best part about it? My kids eat this stuff. They loved it.  They have no idea what chicken nuggets, tater tots or hot pockets are. Audra thinks Pop Tarts are the most disgusting food on the planet and Adrian turns his nose to store bought bread and store bought jam.  But they eat this stuff. And ask for seconds.

It's all about exposure.  Let's expose our kids more to the good stuff so they get used to it and actually enjoy it.  Let's redefine America's current definition of 'kids' food'. Out goes the processed, in with the good healthy stuff. Sounds like a plan to me.



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