Boys, especially working farmer boys, wear holes in pants faster than you can count 1-2-3. 

So, I became the world's most popular mama. I added patches. Farming patches.  Really, I find these the most ridiculous things that are perfect only for at home play clothes. He has another idea. He thinks these are his 'for good' pants that he must wear everywhere. 

And so he goes everywhere, rocking his own style with all the confidence in the world.  Confidence is a good thing.


  1. The last picture shows his grownup face. I'm sure you tell your children to smile for the camera and they plaster a grin on their face, but the last photo is different....I like it!

  2. He's rockin' 'em like no one else can! Love how this boy is true to himself. He already knows who he is. Gotta love that.



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