He's Five and a HALF!

Well, today is a big day for Adrian. He's five and a HALF. He's been waiting for this!

Milestones past.

Age five.
Here's 4 1/2
Here's 4.
Here's 3 1/2.

Here's 2 1/2,  
Here he was at 2.
Here he was at 18 months.
(And before that, I wasn't a blogger).

 Adrian, dear Adrian...

Now you are 5 and a HALF. You've been waiting for this day. 5 and a HALF.  That's mighty big.

You are turning out to be the most living, caring, considerate boy. You think of others, you are thoughtful and generous. 

You are the most responsible kid ever. You keep things tidy and you always clear your plate at the table without even being asked.

You love staying home and you say you'll be homeschooled forever. You spend a lot of your day doing art. You love to create things and cut tractors out of magazines. While you were nervous to start, you really have enjoyed your friends at homeschool co-op.  In fact, you claim you've found your bride.  You have a yellow bat ring in a plastic box with pink lace in your room, awaiting the right time to ask.

You remember everything. As in the truck you got in the hospital when you were 21 months old when your sister was born (there's not even any pictures of that to remind you!). You have an amazing memory and you are always truthful.  If you say it happened, it did.

You love to eat pancakes any dessert with fruit and cold raw milk. You also love honey roasted peanuts and corn. Such a random variety.  But no beef. You tell people you don't eat cow.

Speaking of cows, you love love love cows. Talk about them daily. And tractors. You are going to work in a John Deere dealership someday.  You are a very, very hard worker in the barn and care for your animals regularly.  Never do  you go a day or night without John Deere apparel.  Most days you wear John Deere Overalls, a John Deere undershirt, a John Deere long sleeved shirt, a John Deere hat and John Deere socks. You sleep in John Deere pajamas.  Intense, I tell you. I actually took all your other clothes away because you never wear them.  You're growing your hair long for winter, but will have it short for summer, so you say. How practical.

Every single day, I count my blessings that I have you in my life. You are very serious and oh so loving and such a great kid to have around. 

Adrian, happy 5 and a HALF.  Have a good day, buddy.


  1. Oh my...he is one amazing kid. I didn't realize he didn't eat beef. He must be so introspective to make that decision so young. Happy 1/2 birthday Adrian. I know you'll make all of your dreams come true.

  2. Happy half birthday, Farmer Adrian! Hope you enjoy your day!

  3. What fun! His hair is really getting darker like Mama's!



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