Garden Update 2016: #1

Gardening 2016. 

Yes, we've started.  Some seedlings are coming, smaller than I'd like since we started them later than I was hoping.  Nevertheless. They are started.  My husband tilled (Which don't let him convince you he did last year....last year it was all me!!! But thankful for his help this year). Peas have been planted.  Parsnips, collard greens and green onions are plentiful. Starting a 'halves' offer here for locals...come pick and leave me half of what you pick.  Hoping to have less waste and share more.  We'll see how it goes.  Also, I can see the mint is going to drive me absolutely crazy this year. 

But...we're started.  12 pounds of produce brought in to a good start.  Hoping to meet/beat last year's total of >700lbs.






1 comment:

  1. I love that this is an annual ritual and your kids just expect to be planting once the snow's gone. Fabulous!



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