Little House: County Fair

I have the pleasure of teaching the 4 and 5 year olds in our homeschool co-op for this semester. Once a week, I'm teaching them history in a fun way. We're going back in time and doing things they way they used to do them.  I'm using the "My First Little House" book series, which takes stories out of the chapter books and makes it into picture books.

Previous weeks:
Winter Days in the Big Woods
Farmer Boy's Birthday
Winter on the Farm
Sugar Snow
Little House Birthday
Going West

Summer in the Big Woods

And the last in the series: County Fair
The grand finale of the 9 week course was the "County Fair". We checked over a "show rabbit"

 Planted pumpkin seeds, in hopes of growing a prize pumpkin.

Made blue ribbons to pass out to the winners.
 Brought fair entries from home and filled out entry cards before we displayed them.
 Displayed our 'fair entries'.
 And gave prizes to the winners (which all were winners).

I have to say I really and truly enjoyed leading the class for these kiddos. 9 weeks of fun and they all know quite a bit about the old fashioned life now.  It was certainly fun for all!

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