Her Kitty Sweatshirt

It was her turn for homemade and she wanted something with a kitty.  Not a surprise. I took a hand me down sweatshirt and sewed a little lace and ribbons on it, added a couple kitty patches to the front and added to the back the decal from her fave 18mo old waaaaay too small shirt with a kitty on it.  While I might think it's kitty overkill, she thinks it's the 'very best shirt ever!'.  She also told me that I'm 'the best mom in the whole wide world because I make her kitty clothes.'  So there you have it...the perfect thing to whip up to keep me in the popular category. Now...if I could just get it away from her long enough to wash it....that's another story.


  1. no.. no overkill.. just right! and so adorable!

  2. Great job upcycling!!! I one took my daughters fave sweatshirt and turned it into a pillow.



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