Spring buds and the calm before the snow.

Thus far in April, the 70 degree end of March led to a colder, but tolerable temps which led to inches of snow, freezing rain and the like. Weird.

In the clam before the storm, my kids kept saying to me "Mama, take my picture!"  Then they'd pose and smile.  Also weird.

While I was at work, our bare fields turned to be covered in white.  But before the storm, we picked this beautiful collection of buds from our property and we are living Spring inside. 

Here/there/back/forth. Lots of unpredictable.  Taking it all in stride with the ones I love most.

As an additional bonus, I dug out my old point and shoot and gave it to Adrian.  He's been taking pictures of his food, mostly the food he makes. I have no idea where he's learned that from....

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