Neighborhood Party

Last weekend, as I was taking my dogs for a run, I was stopped by a couple looking for a specific field.  I told them where to go and they shared that they were going to watch draft horses plow. 

Now, we were not invited to this party, but I went home and told my kids to get dressed. I figured we could just pop over and see what was going on.

However, my kids had another plan. We were there hours upon hours.  My kids were the only kids, but that didn't bother them.  Adrian shooting the breeze with the farmers. They all fed him, let him help and try things out.  He loves 'talkin' farmin' ' so he says.  And Audra was content running around and getting cookies from some of her fave neighbors. 

The funniest moment to me was when Adrian walked up to this one team and said "Those look more like donkeys than horses".  The guys said "They're mules".  Adrian said "Oh, that means the mom is a horse and the dad is a donkey.  Haven't seen one of those before."  That kid...

I took too many pictures, but I cannot delete  because it was really the most beautiful day and wonderful time. So thankful for those neighbors who didn't kick us out when we crashed their party!


  1. So very cool. What a great learning experience for your kids!

  2. Looks like so much fun! What an amazing kind of neighborhood party!

  3. I just had to tell you how I enjoyed your pictures. My favorite is the one where the two of them are running down the row. If I had been there I would have grabbed my great-grandson and crashed the party too. Sweet children, beautiful horses and freshly plowed fields, what a combo!



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