Four Fancy Nancy stories for my little , and a couple other books. Plus two scratch off books. Work gloves. A miniature trainset and plane for the dollhouse, two miniature dollhouse baskets, three yards of fabric. $5.50.
Reader's Digest Back to Basics book (totally recommend), a brand new papermaking kit and wooden frame, the Mancala game (highly recommend), a new tile grout thingy (does it have a name?), brand new overalls (tags still on) and a shirt with cows. $12.


  1. We love the Mancala game! It's great even for the youngest players. I always love your thrifted posts! (I think that's called a float.)

  2. Such wonderful finds! The Fancy Nancy books brings back memories for me! Love the fabric!

  3. I Love mancala. Loren cannot beat me :) it's my favorite. and he gets really mad! Great little finds for the dollhouse too.



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