Signs of Spring

Wow, the weather here went from winter to summer.  Rest assured, it will be back to winter before long.

But, with the change in temp, signs of spring are everywhere.  Robins, mud, bud, growth and geese.  Line dried clothes, spring crafts, crocuses, bare feet, summer clothes (except for a certain boy who tends to take a good month to shift his attire, but decided within the day it was time to chop his hair off for summer.). Plus parsnips and collared greens...and meals that follow that.  It's nice having things that go from garden to table now and not the basement or freezer in between.  Back to the washing veggies instead of the thawing!

And Spring also is that time of year my 5 year old starts stressing about winter. Rest assured, he's collecting kindling for next winter.  Nevermind the bags he collected last year we haven't even gone through yet this year!

Best part of warmer days? Plum tuckered out by the end of the day.  A little rest before dinner is a rarity that may make a comeback now the days are warmer.



  1. Man, your vittles look good! Slurp...
    I love that shot of Adrian reading on the wicker sofa. Classic.
    Enjoy it, whatever the season!

  2. You've got some good helpers there! So your parsnips winter over?



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