Impromptu, you're invited.

Friday June 3rd from 5:30-7:30.  We'll be home and all are invited to open farm time. (Message me for directions if you're local and do not know where we live and please don't park on the road).
 We just hatched 27 of our own chicks for you to hold and enjoy.
 The daisies and wildflowers are PERFECT for picking.


 I keep picking beautiful bouquets...
 And tucking them into all these corners of the house.
 You're welcome to pick some of your own too.
Also, you can help with evening chores. Collect eggs.

 And put the rest of the animals to bed.

 You can bring a picnic if you'd like. Train goes through ~6:45pm, so you can see that.
Plus bring a jar and you can take some milk home. Hopefully it will be a night with a good sunset. 

We're so blessed to live here, just offering to share our magical evenings with new or old, young or old friends. There is no cost. Email me at or facebook at .  I try to host  few community events each year, on facebook is where you'll see updates. 


  1. Unfortunately, not living in Maine, I won't be able to join you. Otherwise, you can bet I'd be there!

  2. Oh man, if I could only make the commute! So kind of you to share your wonderful homestead and skills.
    That field of daisies is to die for! I could see a photographer using that as a backdrop for photos.
    Enjoy your weekend, girl.

  3. How did it go? Wish I lived closer! <3

  4. How did it go? Wish I lived closer! <3



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