Summer Picnics

Last year I made it my goal to go on a picnic every week. That I did, and shared many of those picnics with you in this space.

I don't really have a goal to have a certain number of picnics this year, but definitely think picnics deserve a place of importance during summer. Trying to simplify things, I made a bunch of muffins and put them in the freezer.  Now if I am feeling like it's a picnic day, I can grab a few muffins, some fruit, some peanuts and whatever is fresh a the moment in the garden for a veggie.  Add a quart of milk makes it complete picnic at a moment's notice. I'm sort of excited about my pre planning success and we did a picnic last minute here.

I don't know why I have never been to the local community garden space.  I really should have rented a spot way back before we had our farm. I've never grown vegetables overlooking the ocean before!

This is what it looked like last month.  I think I need to go back mid summer to see everything at peak.

I love that we've been on so many picnics over the last couple of years but still are discovering new places to picnic.

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