Good times.

What a wonderful evening!  By my count and the guestbook notes, we had a grand whopping total of 58 folks for our impromptu farm get together. Such a lovely time we had. Good, good people, great kids.  Best part of the day weather wise, for sure. I didn't even take one picture! Now it's after midnight and I just finished making cheese (because I never did give away the milk I was planning on and I need the room in the fridge for morning milking) and finished baking brownies (because I waned to lick the spoon. I didn't even eat a brownie!).

Before I retire for the night, I'm looking forward to tomorrow, for some relaxing play and the perfect pace that feels right to us.

 As for tonight, I'm praying my children will sleep like a husband because I am tired. (Take note, Audra.)

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