Mama Made and Thrifted: Her Room

This little girl just loves her tiny tinies. Calico critters, random miniature chickens/rabbits/pigs/cats/horses, her dollhouse accessories. One day, I sort of had enough. I mass produced all these fabric totes and lined them along the wall.  Then, I saw this shabby chic shelf at the thrift store for $12.  I bought it and organized her room. It's a little busy to the eye with all her favorite stuff along this wall, but now that it's organized, it's much tidier.

 Futhermore, I'm just so happy looking around this room and noticing the crazy amount of mama mades. Polar bear, elephant, stuffed bus.
 The dress up clothes for this little bear, the rabbit.
 The bunny family, quilt.
 The doll bed, doll picnic table.
 The Amish dolls and their sleeping bags, the other stuffed doll and her little dress.
 The fabric bags for organizing.
 The 'roo carrier', the fish.
 The patchwork chairs.
 The dolls, ducks, turtles, dogs, three little bears.  And to think these are *just* hers. Nevermind what I've made her brother. Nevermind all the things for her to wear.

I always dreamed of having handmades for my kids. It's quilt humbling to see that all that hard work has created a toy collection of handmades, just as I was dreaming about.  She really does play with them too, which I am very happy about. 

Confession...I have an addiction. She has PLENTY of toys, but I've got another one pinned....not pinterest pinned, but with literal pins....ready to be stitched.  Hope to show you that next week!


  1. What could be better than handmades? Her room looks so cozy and warm. What a wonderful place to call home.

  2. Treasures for a lifetime! Because you made them! Wonderful!

  3. Treasures for a lifetime! Because you made them! Wonderful!



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