Garden 2016: update 3

It's about time for another gardening update. Click on the last update if you'd like to see what the garden looked like last month.

Garden Update #1

Update 2

Here's what the garden looked like on June 19th.

I'm officially finished planting. I think. This is the best my potatoes have ever looked!
 Tomatoes soon!
 Lots of salads. My kids love salads.

 I've got green, yellow and purple beans planted.
The purple are pole beans. I started these really tall sunflowers a month and a half before the pole beans.  Hopefully the pole beans will climb up them.

 Peas will be here so soon!
 These row covers have saved my zucchini from bugs so it seems!  Agriculture fabric is what it's called.  I think I'm hooked.
 I didn't even start these pumpkins inside and they are already this big.

 Collards. The self seeded collards. I have some thinning to do
 Empty spots in our garden are actually staggered corn plantings.  I have never grown great corn before (well, my dad did when we were kids, but I never have).  Hoping this is the year.
 I planted more flowers than ever this year.
The cherry tomatoes are just starting out too. 

 I planted a couple of cherry tomatoes near the edge of the garden for my kids to devour.

 I somehow weeded all these rasperries.
 Yes, all these! Big heirloom raspberries.
 I am so incredibly proud of my grapes this year. I have worked SO SO SO hard on this spot.  The grapes are off the ground, the multiflora rose is way less than years past, many weeds are out around the grapes. 
 Hoping for a good harvest.
And the elderberries. So many this year, hoping to get them before the birds. I might use the row covers when they are done to protect them from the birds some

 This is why he wasn't with me for the picture taking..can you find him? Both kids have helped grow most of what's in there. My husband gets his vegetables at Hannafords, so he says. He's not into gardening at all. 

 All in all, we're off to a good start so far!
And you? How are your gardens?

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  1. We only do flowers in summertime. Some for bouquets and some for the butterflies. Everyone wins!

    Your garden is amazing!



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