Antiquing furniture like the Pros...

I know my neighbor will laugh when she reads I called her a pro at antiquing furniture.  But, she is!  She has been doing it for years, multiple pieces each week for a local antique shop.  I sooo wanted to learn. She not only taught me, but let me use her stuff.  Old fashioned milk paint.  Sand here. Wax like this.  Buff like that.  All these tricks she showed me.  Let me tell you, I am learning to be a pro too.  And I'm hooked. I want to paint EVERYTHING in our house this way now. I'm thankful for my teacher, Nam.  My husband, on the other hand, may be just a bit overwhelmed when I tell him all that I must paint now.

I swear it's not shiny in real life, I just didn't get the lighting right. Here's the before/after.
This lighting is better.
How did I get this done? First of all, this ginormous three seasoned porch helped.  I could leave it all set up. I had a few half hour bursts when I had company who wanted to hang with the kids.  Other than that, I had helpers, as usual. (Excuse the mess...we're still moving in).

I'm sort of head over heels in love with it.  It looks like it belongs in this house, before it definitely didn't belong.
 Here's a bit of detail.

This living room is starting to come together.  Which is good, as living with boxes shoved all over the place isn't my thing.  (Also, if you're interested, I made the quilt  and I made the woven blanket. I collect Robinson Ransbottom Pottery, antique firkins and early 1900s Sicily Nippon Royal Sometuke dishware (in antique china cabinet).
This house is turning into our home.  And I'm so thankful.


  1. I LOVE it, Jackie!!! I currently have 4 pieces of furniture waiting to be refinished in my basement and I would LOVE to learn how to refinish like a PRO as wel!!! I can't wait to see this in person on Friday...

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