I'm a wee bit excited to show you this project.  I will definitely not tell you how many hours I put into this project, as you never will want to sign up to do your own. But I did it!!!  I re-upholstered not a tiny project, but a big project! 

I've done some upholstery before.  A seat on a rocking chair, a set of four dining chairs and two other random chairs. But never a full out major project like this.

So, the story behind it.  It was my neighbor's chair. They were cleaning out their old barn and it was slated for the dump.  I have zero need for another project, particularly one of this magnitude, but somehow, I hear my voice pipe "Don't throw that away! I'll take it!"  Before I could slap myself silly, I found it in my garage. Although he kept quiet, I'm sure my husband would have had plenty to say about that chair being plopped in our garage.

This, apparently, wasn't the first time this chair was destined for the dump.  A decade or two ago, someone would take it as trash for free if it was broken down.  A few sift wallops from a hammer indicated this chair was too solid for an easy breakdown. And so it sat in their big old barn, gathering dust.

Who did it belong to?  My neighbor (who is a grandfather himself), his grandmother.  She sat in it by the hour, so I've been told. Rocked and rocked.

So back to my garage.. It's sat there for a few months. Finally, I said to myself, "Self. Listen up. If you don't do this in the long winter months, it will sit for another year."

That's when my husband found himself doing this:

 And here you have the "before" pic.
 During.  The frame is really as solid as can be. The springs are in excellent shape.  A great piece.
 Drumroll please....the after!

 It fits in with our regular living room set pretty well, I'd say.
I spent a whopping $15 on this rocker chair.  Painter's canvas and some upholstery tacks.

 It's already a fave spot.

 For all.

 I've found the two of them curled up in it a number of times.

So there you have it, a very, very time intensive project. You know what?  I'd do it again. I'm pleased with the results and I really did enjoy working on it. 

Do tell me...have you upholstered anything before?


  1. Fabulous! What a great place to read to the kids.

  2. Wow - good for you! I don't know if I'd have the patience to re-upholster. :) Looks like a cozy spot.

  3. Awesome! I'm so glad you saved it because it does look like it has good bones and is very sturdy. I just hate seeing older pieces go to the dump!

  4. Great job! How satisfying that must be. You were brave enough to tackle such a huge project and succeed!



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