Miss Audra wanted me to paint her portrait.  The same way George Washington's portrait was painted.

Although I have 1) No talent to do such a thing, 2) No time to even try, 3) A baby who wants to help with everything, she remained optimistic. 

Photographs, although not ideal, were good enough, so she said.


"Your Majesty, Queen Audra, Your Royal Highness."

(And PS...that chair was my first attempt at fixing up a chair. Splint seat reed weaving, herringbone pattern with flat reed)

I bet you want to put this over your mantle.


  1. You can let Audra know that, although Your Majesty is correct for kings and queens, Your Highness is reserved for princes and princesses. I thought she might want to know. :)

  2. I LOVE IT! It's SO Audra! Great job, you two!



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