Myakka State Park

A couple months ago, when I was teaching Sunday School (which I do each week), we played four corners.  "Pick your favorite vacation spot: Beaches, Amusement park, Camping or Ski vacation".  My two kids were the ONLY ones (out of about 20) who picked camping!

We went to Myakka State Park and my kids LOVED it!  Trail walks, canopy walk, tower climb so we could see the birds soaring over the trees at eye level. Lots of wildlife. Alligators, birds, snakes, turtles... Kids learning to identify plants by name.  Essentially Science class in Florida-nature study. For fun,not because I told them it was an expectation.  Couldn't get enough! Learning at its best.

Here we were in Florida, considering some sort of amusement park for one of the days.  Then we asked Adrian if he'd rather go to an amusement park like Disney or if he'd rather to go back to the Florida forest. Know what he said?  "I prefer nature." Love that kid.  So, off we went for another day to the state park.  Half pictures today, other half tomorrow.

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  1. This is one of the state parks in our year-long commitment to visiting one state park a month we did a few years back. Oh, Jackie, I wish we could have met up there. There is a link to state parks on my blog, if the kids want to see more of it.
    Glad you had some fabulous family time!



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