All this Black Friday Hullabaloo...remember the deals you get can still be beat by thrifting!  Promise. 

A brand new thermos container, a garden sprinkler, a book (Charles Fuge, one of our favorite illustrators), a rope, twonightlights, a dress for Anna-Kate and a mini quilt. $5.00
A wool blanket that is exactly crib size, three pairs of wool socks, vintage books and vintage fabric.  I kid you not, $5.00.  And for the record, these weren't the same thrift stores.

I promise you, you can thrift cheaper than the best Black Friday deals!


  1. Great deals! My husband wanted a new windproof vest, and I looked online, hard to find. New ones really expensive, so I found one cheap on eBay. I also hit a lot of thrift stores for various items. I realized today I need a few more serving bowls for the holidays. Off to thrift this weekend...



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