Hanging in there

It was a couple months ago that this mama made duo had an unfortunate mishap and needed to take a spin through the wash and then were hung out to dry. By the ears nonetheless.
That's sort of how I feel tonight. Hung to dry by my ears.  It's been SUCH a busy few weeks, something scheduled every nook and cranny of the day, for weeks on end.  Not for bad things, but for wonderful things. First all the loose ends to prepare for an out of state vacation and then a busy vacation and then day after day packed from beginning to end with appointments, activities and such. Many good things in those days, but nevertheless-THINGS.  This week is looking to be packed with more, more and more THINGS.  Good things.  But too many things.

I trying to remind myself that this is just a season, and the days will settle soon.  Even though my schedule is filled, my mind feels like it is going to mush, I will try to not let those events impact my interactions with my children.  Regardless of how busy I may feel, I aim for them to find me the calm and steady, patient and constant and the person who keeps their world feeling steady, no matter what gusts of wind try to knock us down. Carrying on.

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  1. I know how you feel. Since adding just one more day of away-from-home work to my schedule, I feel too busy. But it helps my family and I'm doing what I love, so how can I complain? Grateful for those full days at home, for sure.
    It'll all balance itself out. Take good care of yourself.
    Be Blissed!



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