Little Book Lover

This baby...err...BIG GIRL as she corrects us (BIG GIRL in a mama made dress <3)...loves books.  As in one of her first words was "Readabook".  She rolls out of bed to spend a solid 20 minutes on the potty looking at books. Then she totes books out of the bathroom with her, trying to get whoever is around to read to her. If no one is around, she'll just park herself and point to the pictures and 'read' it herself. She especially loves books about babies. She loves to talk about babies.  (But remember she is NOT a baby, she's a BIG GIRL. Just ask her. She'll tell you.) Anyway, she'll sit anytime to listen to a book.  Even long books. Current faves: Any picture book, especially books with babies in them, That's not my....books, Spot, Any books with animals, Skip to my Lou (which the big kids are SO TIRED of hearing, lol) and especially Goldilocks and the Three Bears (which she actually sits and listens to the story, picking out the bears, talking about the oatmeal mama makes, upset and 'oh nos' about the broken chair, screams when the bears find goldilocks.  I do so love this age.)  Her new 'fun' thing to do is collect bits of paper and use them as bookmarks in her board books.  I feel so so so lucky that we have another book lover in the family!

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  1. How could she not be with the rest of your bookworms about! ;0D



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