Medieval Faire

 We brought the kiddos to their first Medieval Faire in Florida. At first the kids were overwhelmed and uncomfortable.  A woman came up to us a the entrance of the festival and told us she was scared of the Danes and didn't feel safe going in alone and maybe our family could help protect her.  Audra was frozen with confusion? fear?  They eventually warmed up to it and had a fine time.  I didn't take many pics, but we saw much music, dancing, birds of prey, handcrafts, etc. My husband got his turkey leg and jousting was a hit too.  Audra thinks she needs an outfit appropriate for the time period. I agree.  She thinks I should make her one.  I agree.  Time...does anyone have more of that to give?

 My sister in law made this adorable little dress. <3  Thank you, Gilly!

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