He's 10 and a HALF



9 1/2

A bit late to the party I am, but Adrian is 10 and a HALF! 

Adrian, you are such a dependable boy.  You know your jobs and you do them.  You get up and do the chores. You notice what needs to be done and you help. You keep your room pretty tidy (especially considering you save everything).  You don't need any help taking care of yourself. You stretch daily, do your devotions daily, read daily, go outside to exercise daily.Your laundry is always in the basket. Your bed is always made. You don't need to be asked to pick up your stuff. You 110% prefer the routine to any excitement. Pandemic life for you is a dream! 

Your favorite hobbies are:
1) Drawing. Especially tractors, snowplows and trucks.
2) Your subscription to Northwoods magazine, which your pour over. 
3) Cutting things of interest out of magazines and gluing said pictures into composition books.
4) Biking.
5) Tractors/farming.
6) Work.  Sawing wood. Shoveling. Moving dirt. Etc.

You remember everything. You know what folks like, what they drive, particulars about them.  Although you do love staying home best, you do enjoy seeing other people and making them happy.  Not a car goes by that doesn't get a wave. Many folks have your drawings hung up in their homes.

You eat everything and anything (except eggs...a farmer who doesn't like eggs?!) in large quantities.  Where do you put all this food? 

The biggest struggle in your life is your sisters. Goodness, they drive you crazy! Especially when they think they can go in your room and help themselves! There are moments when you really do enjoy their company here and there. 

On your half birthday you enjoyed a fruity dessert (your favorite desserts are fruity...this time we had strawberry rhubarb crisp). You got the last book in the Tractor Mac series that you didn't have.  You got a game about states. Did I mention you know the geography of the United States like the back of your hand and you enjoy state trivia? 

You also love to hug. Sometimes I hug you and just wait for you to let go. You would love a hug to last minutes.  When I ask you how you feel after a long hug, you smile and say that your bucket is so full. 

Adrian, I appreciate you so much. Your help and independence has anchored me more days than you realize.  I am so thankful to have you as my son. 

Love, Mama

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