He's FOUR!

Today he's four.

Here's 3 1/2.
Here's 2 1/2,  
Here he was at 2.
Here he was at 18 months.
(And before that, I wasn't a blogger).

To my Adrian:

I love writing about the things we do, as that's how I remember things.  I love writing your birthday posts best, as it makes me smile thinking of how perfect you are in your own little way.

You're serious, always serious.  Focused, hardworking, determined and kind hearted.

You farm all.the.time. As in 24/7. You wake up with an agenda and get straight to work. Everyday, the BOG calls to see what you're up to and you always have something farming related to tell him. Baling hay, hauling logs, milking cows, tending chickens, planting corn, fixing machinery, dumping dirt, putting up fencing for pastures, getting ready for the county fair, mucking out the barn, harvesting corn, the breeder is coming, there's something that needs hauling....I could go on and on. We have a video of you just over age one talking about tractors.  Tractors were some of the first things you talked about as a new talker, and you haven't stopped since.

The things you wanted for your birthday are:  a cow (a real one), John Deere Tractors (real ones and play ones), hitches for your tractors, a wheelbarrow, a wishing well, a weathervane and a boot scrubber. 

You're smart, super smart. You are very social and intuitive and remember everything. 

Try as we might, you typically have zero interest in playing ball, riding a bike, climbing on the playground. However, you'll sprint to feed scraps to the chickens or to check on your goats. You'll climb fences and pretend to mow the lawn.  Whatever you do must be of working nature and must serve a purpose.

You do enjoy making pictures for other people. All forms of art, you do enjoy.  You spend a lot of time cutting tractors from magazines and gluing them to make your own tractor books.

You are a foodie. Without doubt. On vacation, we had to eat store bought bread and you whined about it, called it gross.  When we came home, you said "I'm so glad we finally can have homemade bread again."  You also ate soup from a can for the first time while we were on vacation. You said, "Mama, will this be like lentil soup?"  Although you have your moments, you do have quite the adventurous palate. Your dream meal would be cinnamon toast (made with homemade bread, naturally), cantaloupe, strawberry ice cream and apple pie.

You love to read books and will listen to books/"read" to yourself for hours. You like all sorts of books, although books about farm animals/tractors, Richard Scarry books and Berenstain Bears are your tops.

Most of the time, you are an excellent big brother to Audra. You take care of her, keep her safe, talk to her, play with her.

You have such opinions about clothes. You love things your mama makes. You like jeans and you like John Deere shirts and flannels. Everything else hardly gets worn.

Although you definitely love your dad, you are 110% a mama's boy. You *still* cry when I have to leave sometimes.  You will carry on even when I jet out for 20-30 minutes of exercise. You want to go on a bus someday, but only to school if mama can come too.  You want me to be your only teacher.  You still enjoy being carried in a carrier and you sometimes still crawl in bed to snuggle mama. You say that you're never going to get married, you're just going to live with mama forever.

You, dear Adrian, bring us so many smiles and so much joy. There's nothing more I enjoy in this life than parenting you and your sister.  I love you and that cute little dimple of yours oodles and oodles.

Your milestones thus far:

 And here you are at four!

I asked you a list of questions that I hope to repeat every year. Here's 2014's. (Find your copy here).
Nicknames: Farmer Adrian.

How old are you? 4

What is your favorite color? Green

What is your favorite animal? Cows

What is your favorite book? John Deere Books

What is your favorite TV show? Pooh Bear

What is your favorite movie?  Shrek

What is your favorite song?  Jesus Loves Me

What is your favorite food?  Pasta

What is your favorite drink?  Milk

What is your favorite breakfast food?  Peanut Butter and Jelly

What is your favorite snack?  Cheerios

What is your favorite outfit?  John Deere Shirt

What is your favorite game?  Farming games.

What is your favorite toy?  John Deere

Who is your best friend?  Turner

What is your favorite thing to do? Play John Deere by myself without Audra.

What is your favorite thing to do outside?  Play tractors

What is your favorite holiday?  Christmas Day

What do you like to take to bed with you at night?  My teddy bear

Where is your favorite place to go? Farmer Rick's

What is your favorite restaurant?  French Fry store.

Where do you want to go on vacation?  BOG's.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to drive a white pick up truck and have a John Deere Gator .  

What did you do on your birthday? Play John Deere


  1. Happy birthday little man! Hope you have a day filled with tractors, homemade bread and lots of love!

  2. Happy Birthday Adrian! Have an amazing day!



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