Carrying on


Some days I have things together. 

Up with the sun, lots of boxes checked off the to-do list, connected with each kid, healthy meals made, kitchen upgraded to a moderate instead of a major state of disarray...

Some days I feel like I'm on top of the world. 

And there are other days that I am sure life would be much better in Australia. 

I sit here at my computer, my littles and husband all in bed/asleep, my dogs under my feet, in the midst of a disaster of a kitchen. I find myself with zero energy, zero motivation, already tired of the heat (do we really have 3 more months of heat?!), looking around at the mess and reflecting on all that I didn't do well this afternoon. The opportunities I missed. The episodes that could have been better if I had a re-do. The things I would have gotten done if I was not yanked in so many directions.  

What do we do as mamas? We carry on.  Literally and figuratively. We carry on.

Tomorrow is a new day. 


  1. You're so hard on yourself. The most important thing we can do is dive right into the moment. That's what you do so well. And your kids are living their best life because of it. Blessings...

  2. I hear you! Although at least we had air conditioning haha. My husband I raise three kids to both working full-time outside the home and it was tough. Best thing you can do is do what you can do and an occasional take out pizza for dinner with some veggies is not necessarily A Bad Thing. As your kids get older to you can teach him to help you clean up Etc before they go to bed. You just do what you can. I was just telling my husband yesterday we used to kill ourselves on the weekend this time of year trying to get everything planted (beghies), weeded, looking beautiful. Yesterday we went and visited our grandson instead of for a little while and did some yard work in the afternoon. Then we stopped for the day and that was okay. Today will do some more and then we'll stop and enjoy the rest of the day. There's always next weekend. Sometimes it's better just to do what you can and enjoy life and try to drive yourself crazy judging yourself for not getting everything done



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