Daily Ocean Dips

 Doesn't every kid ask for a pool?  I know I asked my parents.  My dad used to say "Absolutely not, we will not get a pool. You have the St. Lawrence river. Swim in that."  The St. Lawrence River was 7ish miles from my house growing up. We have a camp on it and there also is great beach for swimming.  My parents would not get us a pool, but in the summer, they brought us to the river just about daily when it was hot.  

Now my husband I are the parents and of course our kids have asked for a pool.  My answer?  "Absolutely not, we will not get a pool.  You have the Atlantic ocean.  Swim in that." Our home is about the same distance from the ocean as my childhood home is from the St. Lawrence river.  7ish miles. We have a resident pass and so many beaches to choose from. We will not get our kids a pool, but when they ask if we can go to the ocean, the answer is almost always yes.  We go just about daily when it's hot.  We time it to go at 'off' times, aka when the tourists have wrapped up their day and are likely getting ready for dinner. Never fails us. We almost always are some of the only people at the beach and almost always the only ones swimming.  

I almost never bring my camera, but really ought to fix that. Here is a Sunday late afternoon dip in the 

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