Evenings home


For an entire decade, my husband and I worked opposite hours from each other.  I'd get up with the kids, wake him just before I left and I'd drive the work car to work. He'd bring the kids to me at the end of my day.  I'd run out in the nick of time and be handed the keys to the mini van with the kids in it.  I'd drive home to finish my paperwork and he'd drive to work in the work car.  Then he'd come home to catch some sleep. Before long I'd be waking him to start the entire ritual over. 

We've gradually changed my schedule so I am working less and now we have changed his schedule so he works days.  We have every evening together now- for meals, for going outside, for playing board games, for reading books.  Sometimes I run errands on my own late afternoon/early evening, which is a luxury that we appreciate. This change has been so nice and were so thankful. 

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