Screen Porch

 We (finally) took our walls and windows down on our old 1880 house's three season porch and put up the floor to ceiling screens. Washed the walls and floors too. (View from outside looking in from last year's shots here.) 

We have some house work that's going to be done so we're only using half the porch to leave room for the contractor.  Everything is more squished together than usual. 

It seems that we prefer it that way! If you want to find us in the near future, we'll likely be parked right here on the porch. After dark when the house is quiet? This is where I'll be.  This porch is one of the very best parts of home sweet home.


  1. That's funny I had just mentioned this to my husband the other day. How much I envied you your screened in porch! Can use in the winter bundled up and use in the Summer with the screens. The old timers building their houses like that really had the right idea, keeps the bugs out and the cold air out

  2. Love your porch!!! Looks so nice and cozy. Perfect spot to spend time.

    Enjoy, janie



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