Audra's SIX!

(Five, 4 1/2,  Here's 4 , 3 1/23 years, 2 1/2 years2 years 18 months,  12 months,  9 months?  6 months?  3 months?  Just being born )

Audra Grace, here you are at six. Six! 

You are the biggest ball of fun ever there was. Our 4th of July firecracker. You're always up for something new, an adventure, a new idea, a change. You have plenty of energy and don't need much sleep to recharge. You make friends wherever you go and make folks smile along the way. 

You're so crafty, clever and such a natural at baking and cooking. You are amazingly athletic, a natural at whatever you try. You are amazing with animals, so gentle and interactive with them. Your favorite things to play are all things with live animals and old fashioned play.

Although you are not a fan of sitting, you almost always will sit for a book, especially chapter books. You love fairy tales, but as you say, definitely NOT Disney fairy tales, but the real ones.  Old writings you love, and you regularly use the advanced vocabulary you hear.

You love BLTs, salads, lettuce sandwiches, grazing in the garden and finding edible weeds. You also love eggs. You have eaten up to FIVE in one serving, although usually it's 3-4!  Really you eat anything and everything. For being a tiny little girl, you eat man sized portions. 

Pretty much the only things you don't like are transitioning from something fun and waiting.  As long as we keep the adventures rolling, you're at your best. Although you test our patience daily, we are forever grateful for your spontaneity, spunk and loving nature. I imagine someday you really will live in the city and wear "up shoes". And when you do, I am sure we will enjoy the adventures you bring us on there. 

Happy birthday, Audra. You make us all smile. 

Love, Mama

I asked you a list of questions that I hope to repeat every year. (Find your copy here).
Nicknames: Sparkle eyes

How old are you? 6

What is your favorite color? Rainbow

What is your favorite animal? All animals.

What is your favorite book? Books about kids exploring mountains, fairy tales and about kittens.

What is your favorite song? VBS songs

What is your favorite snack? Granola bars. Fig newtons. I'd eat any snack. Cereal.

What is your favorite outfit?  Summer dresses and cute t shirts

What is your favorite game?  Tag and hide and seek

What is your favorite toy?  Animals and playing in my old fashioned area. And I like playing with my mom and dad.

Who is your best friend?  Anna-Kate and Desmond and Lucy and Paige and Leah.

What is your favorite thing to do? Playing with my friends or my mom and dad, especially playing old fashioned.

What is your favorite thing to do outside? Go swimming

What is your favorite holiday?  Christmas because I get presents.

What do you like to take to bed with you at night?  My sister

Where is your favorite place to go? Swimming

What is your favorite restaurant?  I like my mom's cooking best. I don't really like going to restaurants. (Probably too much waiting!)

Where do you want to go on vacation? To visit family.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A veterinarian or a nurse or a horseback rider.

What are you going to do on your birthday? Eat cake, BLTs, chips, fruit salad and have presents given to me.

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  1. Happy Birthday, dear, sweet Audra! There is no one else like you!



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