She's Two and a Half!

My, you have grown, sweet girl!

(Remembering:2 years 18 months,  12 months9 months6 months3 monthsJust being born?
 Well, sweet girl. You are two and a half now. What do I want to tell you about you being two and a half?

You narrate everything, yes EVERYTHING you paragraphs.  I don't even know where you learned all the big words you know, but goodness. You talk non stop.

You love songs with hand motions, it's adorable to watch. You "read" books loud and clear for everyone to enjoy.  You also can sit and listen to books for quite some time.  Your fave books are "Goodnight Gorilla", "Pancakes" and "I Love You Stinky Face" (which you say "I love you tinky face."

You love little tiny babies, tiny stuffed animals and real animals. You love to "take care of them", whisper to them, kiss them and hug them. You love to wrap them all up so they are warm.

You run everywhere you go. Fast. You love playing outside.

You pretty much eat anything, everything and in great quantities. You love all fruit, meat and peanutbutter bars.

Three days ago, you told me you hated dresses.  But just today you decided you liked them again.  Jury is still out on dresses.  Although I love to have you in a pretty little dress. You shoes of choice in the middle of winter? Water shoes.

You spend hours of your day doing crafts. You love to color, write and use scissors. We sometimes find little notes under our pillows from you.

You love to help bake, unload the dishwasher and fold laundry.  You hate picking up your markers. You feed the cats (oh my!) and pour your own milk. 

You're super sweet to everyone. You have no problem giving someone who you just met with mama a hug or kiss.  Whenever we have had to bring you to a sitter, you adjusted right away to the change.  You also tell loved ones they are "spesh" (special) and that you will nuggle nuggle them (snuggle)."

You are caring, empathetic, fun, joyful and spunky. Everyone who meets you smiles, you're so loveable. 

And you, sweet girl, make my heart go pitter pat with lots of love. You bring so much happiness to our lives, and I am overjoyed to be your mama.


  1. She is so super sweet! Happy 2 1/2 little one!! <3

  2. That is so sweet. I have a feeling she's so sweet and happy because of the special people in her family and the way she is being raised!

  3. Wow! I can't believe she's that old already!! Happy belated Birthday sweet girl. :)



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