She's Two!

Today is the day Miss Audra turns two!

 Remembering: 18 months,  12 months9 months6 months3 monthsJust being born?

And my letter to Audra Grace.

You never stop talking. Ever.  You talk to us in 8 word sentences, with correct pronouns, great grammar, specific vocabulary and you even have irregular past tense.  Stuff that the speech therapist in your mama recognizes.  You are a chatter box.

You are spirited, do your own thing and find yourself in trouble regularly.  However, if you are found doing something you were not supposed to do, you blame (Adri did it), you deny (not me) or you make something random up (somebody else came and did it).  You are quite the liar. 

You are an excellent eater.  You'll eat most anything. Except you hate cake (how can that be?!).  Your faves? Eggs. Any berry. Panpapes (pancakes). Any meat. 
You have a way with your words. Daily, at random times, I hear, "I love you so-so-so much mama. You spesh (special)."  You give the very best hugs and kisses.

You've been potty trained for months now as long as we remembered to bring you, but you're just starting to tell us. "I hafta go!"

We're all tired of your "WHY?" questions.

You love pretty dresses. You don't like any bows in your hair.

You draw intricate artwork. You want to climb to the top of the very highest playground equipment.

You have slept through the night four times in your life total. All of which have happened in the last couple weeks. 

You, without doubt, love your brother. You guys are best friends. He loves you right back. You both rarely have squabbles.

When you're mad, you wail at the top of your lungs "I WANT MY MAMA". Even if I'm right there.

You are a mother hen. Mostly to the baby chicks.  But if we won't let you have a baby chicks at a certain moment, you will mother a baby doll.  "You otay. You not cry. I right here."

You love books and you love to snuggle.  You love to laugh. You love to narrate everything you do.  You make us smile.

 This is another dress that I wore as a child. My mom saved it for me, it's your turn.  Happy Birthday, sweet girl!


  1. Happy Birthday Miss Audra you are beautiful in Mom's dress. Hug B

  2. Oh my goodness! I can't believe she's two already!

    Happy Birthday Audra!

    Wishing you many blessings in the year to come.

  3. How cute!!! Happy Birthday Audra!

  4. Such a WONDERFUL post that she will laugh and adore to read one day. :) I love that she's wearing one of your dresses!! Happy Birthday Miss Audra!! :)

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday sweet girl. What a blessing you are to your family.
    Love that your mom saved your dress so you could pass it on to your girl.
    What a great day for a birthday celebration! Fireworks!

  6. Happy Birthday Audra! Love that she is wearing one of your dresses!



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