She's THREE!

My goodness, we have a growing girl!  Our little 4th of July firecracker is THREE!

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My letter to Audra:
Audra Grace,
In one sense, it's hard to believe you are three already, in another, you seem so much older sometimes. You fill our lives with conversation, constant conversation. And questions. Plus energy. Lots of energy.  And spunk. Neverending spunk.
You love so many things. Animals. All of them. Especially tiny tiny ones and your cats.  You tell the animals, "I am your mama, I take care of you."  You sometimes hug them too tight.
You love to run, everywhere. You pretty much never walk from point a to point b. It's always a full out sprint.You could swing for hours.  You 'tirl" (twirl) in dresses.  You jump on the mini trampoline over and over again.  You climb. You hang. You do flips (somersaults) down the hill. Your favorite exercise is swimming. As in jumping in, going under water and diving. You are fearless and pretty much never get hurt. You fall down and bleed, but jump up and keep going.
You do also enjoy some sitting activities. Mostly art. You love to paint.  You spent a long time on your paintings and they are so colorful. You also love books.  Your favorite books are Richard Scarry and any book with a wolf/fox. Little Red Riding hood, Henny Penny, Gingerbreadman, Three little pigs.  You play 'bad animals' and sometimes pretend to be a wolf or a fox. 
You take the time to notice little things. Bugs, flowers, details. Every single berry in our raspberry/strawberry patch with the slightest hint of red-gone. You also eat raw rhubarb, green onions and kale in the garden too. You frequently smell like a sub from all your snacking. You also like to chop, cook and bake.
You love people. You love to chat on the phone. You ask about people you haven't seen and remember lots of names.  You talk about people who are "spesh" to you (special).  You freely give hugs and kisses.  You love your mom and dad equally and love to 'nuggle' (snuggle) us.
You love your brother. He is truly your best friend and you get along with him so well.  When he does bother you, you sometimes say "Whatever Adri" and walk away.
You love lots of food, but definitely love meat. And Cheetos. And bananas, eggs, cheese, homemade bread and celery. In fact, you'd eat all that stuff and call it a perfect meal.  Today though, you get your choice of meal and have chosen rice and beans.
You don't sleep through the night still, nor have you ever just about. You have done so a handful of times your whole life I guess, but that's it.  You hardly take naps anymore.  Maybe this will be the year of more sleeping, but I doubt it. You just function on little sleep (sort of like your mama).
Other than your hugs and kisses, it is really the cutest thing seeing you 'wink' at me.  It's really not much of a wink, more a blink, but it's totally adorable. You are confident in what you do. You are independent. You are loving and you are loved by so many.
Really, you add so much joy to our life. You keep us on our toes!  You are so much fun to parent and we love you oodles and oodles and oodles.
The many faces of Audra Grace (And yes, that's a mama made dress...more on that dress soon!):
I asked you a list of questions that I hope to repeat every year. (Find your copy here).
Nicknames: Audra Grace

How old are you? 3

What is your favorite color? Blue

What is your favorite animal? Bunnies

What is your favorite book? Little Red Riding Hood.

What is your favorite TV show? Daniel Tiger. Daddy lets me watch it.

What is your favorite movie?  I don't know.

What is your favorite song?  All night all day, angels watching over me.

What is your favorite food?  Eggies and Cheetos.

What is your favorite drink?   milk

What is your favorite breakfast food?  cinnamon toast

What is your favorite snack? Pears

What is your favorite outfit?  shorts

What is your favorite game?  I don't know

What is your favorite toy?  dollhouse and snippers (scissors)

Who is your best friend?  Henry

What is your favorite thing to do? Go to the YMCA

What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play with the swingset and Zippy (the cat)

What is your favorite holiday?  Christmas and Easter too

What do you like to take to bed with you at night?  Mama

Where is your favorite place to go? YMCA

What is your favorite restaurant?  Pizza Hut

Where do you want to go on vacation? I am going to see BOG

What do you want to be when you grow up? I don't know.

What are you going to do on your birthday? Have lunch on the porch. I'm going to eat rice and beans and chocolate cake



  1. Happy Birthday Audra! You are already your own person. Blessings...

  2. Happy Birthday Audra! I hope you have a super fun day!



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