Creative Storage

Storage, storage and more storage.  Every home needs it.  What is marketed to us?  Plastic, plastic and more plastic. But plastic seems to break easily, and ends up in the landfill.  Forever.  Here's some storage ideas beyond dressers, closets, cupboards, book shelves and hope chests to inspire you!

Cheese Box.  We keep games in ours.
Fabric bins.  I like these ones that have an opening for labeling. 

A flower pot holds pens and pencils.

Misc. shaped boxes. Ours holds seasonal decorations.

Collector tins. What it says is what's in ours.

An antique picnic basket holds some toys.

Baskets.  Perfect for linens.  And everything else.

Wooden Shaker Boxes.  I used some ribbon to label for quick access.

Metal beach pails.  Ours hold some play scarves and ties.

Glass jars.  Huge ones. This has 5 lb of whole wheat flour in it.  We got ours from a production factory. Wash them up and they're perfect!  Ask a local restaurant...they'd likely have some to share.

Canning jars hold some nuts.

Antique firkins.  Used to be used for dry good storage.  Ours holds newspapers and matches to start a fire. 
Metal bins.  These hold some of our wooden toys.
My pottery collection is perfect for hiding...I mean holding a spare bag of chocolate chips.  Hope my husband doesn't read this blog in detail!

Wine crate.  We use ours for magazines.
Lingerie Bags.  Perfect for storing toys with little parts.  This one holds my husband's lincoln logs that he had as a kid.
Pillow cases.  I store the rest of the sheet set in them.  I store towels in them.  I store toys in them.  When I was young, I used to make them to store my collections in them.  To this day, I have a pillow case with lace that I made as a kid with my cabbage patch dolls and clothes.

This is just the beginning of 'green' storage ideas.  What ideas do you have?


  1. Those mesh laundry bags are great for running toys through the dishwasher to disinfect them and for storing beach toys, and when you have a lot of kids they're great to put everyones dirty socks in and wash. The socks stay together and you're less likely to lose some. I use hat boxes to decorate and store letters and cards I want to save in them. I use pottery bowls to organize items in my cupboards like baby food, bottles, tea/coffee, and of course, candy! With 5 kids and a small house all our furniture has to be practical so any piece of furniture we get (it's all recycled, none is new) also has to serve as storage in some way. I use the metal pails to organize socks, underwear, accessories in the kids rooms. Baskets are great for books. I like having books in every room so the kids have easy access to them wherever they are in the house. I use collector tins for art supplies. The utensil holder is perfect to sort crayons, markers, pencils, paintbrushes, etc.

  2. excellent ideas! i'm right with you in that just about everything we own is used. it's part of the fun-finding and inventing ways to use. thanks for sharing!



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