Pacifier Cilps

Suspenders.  According to Merriam Webster, they're:
"a device by which something may be suspended: as a : one of two supporting bands worn across the shoulders to support trousers, skirt, or belt —usually used in plural".   

Not in my book.  In my book, they're the perfect item needed to make pacifier clips. 

These little inventions are super handy, not just for pacifiers, but for toys too. 

All you do is sew a little velcro to make a loop on one end.  For one, I just kept the elastic band from the suspenders.  For the other, I removed the suspender strap and added my own ribbon.  It took all of 5 minutes to complete. And the cool part is one set of suspenders makes 4 clips for your baby.  It's handy to clip a couple of toys at a time in contraptions like the stroller.

Cost for pacifier clips:  $5 in the stores.

Cost for mine:  I got the suspenders at a thrift shop for $1.  Which makes 4 pacifier clips.  So $.25 a piece.  

Baby approved.

And the cat would love to get his paws on one too.

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