Ribbon Block

I had this idea while running yesterday.  What about those baby clothes that are too small that you just have a hard time parting with?  Or those baby clothes that have a big stain, but the outfit was sooo cute, so you don't want to throw it away?  Why not make a ribbon block for the baby to play with?  After my baby went to bed last night, that's exactly what I whipped up.

1)  I used six 5 1/2 inch squares.  I was only able to get four plaid squares from the little outfit I chose, so I used some navy from my stash for the remaining two blocks.  I also cut out the two giraffe appliques from the outfit and machine appliqued them on to navy blocks.

2) I cut the ribbons into 4 inch strips.  The ribbon had previously been used to wrap a baby gift I have been given.  So it was free!  I zig zagged the edges of the folded ribbon.

3) I then pinned the ribbons in place and sewed each seam of the block, one at a time, leaving a 2 inch gap to stuff it.

4) I used left over quilt batting to stuff it.

Cost:  Free!  And with a sentimental bonus, as you can reuse those cute outfits you don't want to part with.

Verdict?  Baby approved.


  1. Very cute - my MIL has made lots of ribbon blankets using scrap ribbon (primarily from gift bags that have seen better days). I never thought about using the baby clothes for blocks! I do keep my eyes open at thrift stores for receiving blankets though.

  2. Using extra cut quilt squares to try this. I love all of your creativity Jackie. You inspire me and I so appreciate it!



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