Yogurt, in your crock pot.  Ingenious.  Not my idea to do it up in a crock pot, but this is the recipe I created and how I make yogurt from now on.  This saves our family around $500 a year.

Yogurt in your Crockpot

1)      Start 5 ½ hours before you go to bed.

2)      Place gallon of skim milk in crockpot.  Turn crockpot on low for 2 ½ hours.

3)      Unplug for 3ish hours (or until it's around 100 degrees F).

4)      Wisk in yogurt starter (about a cup of stonyfield plain yogurt or homemade yogurt from your last batch) and 1 cup of nonfat powdered milk.  (This consistency is perfect for smoothies.  If you want greek style yogurt, you can add 1 1/2 to 2 cups of nonfat powdered milk.  That's the consistency that goes best with granola).

5)      Wrap entire crockpot pot in a towel to insulate overnight.

6)      Go to bed.  When you wake up, it will be done!   Store in canning jars in the fridge. Add fruit or honey to taste if desired.

Note:  If you're making this for babies or if you're not watching your figure, you can make this with whole milk and not even need to add powdered milk.  Since I try to behave, I use skim milk and powdered milk.


  1. How much does this make? How long does it stay good? I would love to make my own for my boys (and myself) but have to admit that the lack of a prelabeled expiration date intimidates me.

    1. When I make yogurt, I use not quite a gallon of milk...maybe 80% of the gallon. I just make that much because that's what my crockpot will hold once I add the extra ingredients. You could certainly half the recipe to give it a try. It doesn't matter how much starter you use...more or less will be the same results. You would add less dry milk if you made half a batch.

      Insofar as expiration dates, it seems that the cultures in the yogurt make it last really well. But, the easiest way to know it hasn't expired is to look at the milk expiration date and make sure you don't use it after that date. And make sure you use the starter to make a new batch prior to that expiration date, too.

  2. I'm gonna try to halve the recipe this this weekend and make it with whole milk. Wish me luck!



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