Maine Maple Sunday

Today is Maine Maple Sunday.  One of the best holidays of the year in Maine, in my opinion.  Sugarbushes all over the state open up.  Live demonstrations, free maple samples.  Indulge in all you can eat pancake breakfasts, maple doughnuts, maple kettle corn, maple candy.  Go on a spring hay ride, visit animals. Wear your mud boots. Bring home a fresh jug of maple syrup.  A perfect country day.  So, in keeping with the festivities, today needs to be a maple post.

There's nothing like getting a sample of maple syrup fresh from the sugarbush.

And we are the terrible parents who let their baby try sweet maple syrup for the very first time.  I mean if we're enjoying it, he should get a chance too, right?!

We enjoyed the animals.
And loved our pancakes.

Of course we bought some maple syrup to bring home.  Yum!

1 comment:

  1. V went to her first Maple Sunday pancake breakfast when she was just a little younger than A. She had to wait a year to ride the little pony, though!



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