Baking Station

I've had a number of people ask me "How do you do all of that baking?".  Well, my first answer is that I like to eat what I bake. Eating gives me motivation to bake, for sure. Second, I have a baking station all set up, so I can just grab and bake without needing to gather what I need. 

I have a 1919 Sellers Hoosier Cabinet. Back in the day, these were made to help the 'housewife' with her duties.  It actually says in mine:  "To the housewife:   Thank you for buying our product.  We've endeavored to make it good looking, serviceable and convenient, so as to greatly reduce your labor in the kitchen so you have time to devote to your other daily affairs".  

I definitely don't consider myself a "housewife", and if my husband ever referred to me as such, well, he may lose an appendage. I am very domestic, but it's because I want to be, not because it's expected of me.  And much of the reason why I want to be domestic is so I can feed my sugar tooth.  Regardless, I get a kick out of the old fashioned wording and appreciate the concept of organizing baking supplies for convenience and time efficiency purposes.  
The hoosier has all of my ingredients in the top and side cabinets (holds 50 pounds of flour!); measuring cups, sptaulas and wooden spoons in the drawers; as well as cookbooks and bowls under the accordion.  There's a cutting board that pulls out.  The enamel top pulls out to double the size, which is perfect for pie making.  I keep my kitchen aid permanently on a movable cart adjacent to the hoosier.  The cart contains napkins, aprons and additional baking dishes.  My dad made me a cabinet to store additional spices.  I actually use the antique pottery on top (Robinson Ransbottom Blue Stripe Pottery, Roseville Ohio) as well.  There's a working, antique reproduction phone next to the Hoosier.  In case of a baking disaster, I can phone a friend. :)
So, I share this not because I want you all to jet out to go antiquing, in hopes of finding the perfect Hoosier cabinet.  Instead, I was hoping I'd inspire you to dig out a space of your kitchen and organize it to be your baking nook.  Having everything handy makes baking a breeze.

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  1. WOW! This is really nice. So much bigger than my hoosier cabinet. I love the flour cabinet! I bet it really made baking that much easier. Hope you figure out a good use for it at the new home :)



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