Our New Garage

I've had a few inquiries about our garage.  Remember my panic back in April with the excavation and all of the anxiety I had?  Well...I'm coping quite well now.  Especially since everything has been primed and has the first coat of paint.  Yes, everything needs another coat of paint, but with a daddy who is working all.the.time and this mama having a baby strapped to her back, well...the ladder stays put most days.  But it's okay, it will get done.  I'm bound to have someone say that we're crazy to not put up vinyl siding, as it's so easy.  Well, vinyl isn't our thing for two reasons.  One- we just don't like the looks of it and Two is it never decomposes.  We love the look of real wood with a fresh coat of paint.  And I love that needing to paint keeps us home for a weekend.  Anything that keeps us home and making memories in this place we love makes me happy.

Did I mention that it's huge?  Like really huge?  I have no perceptual skills, so dimensions do not mean a thing to me.  Once it was built, WOW was my reaction.  But you can never build a garage too big, right?  Here's Kammie (our dog) modeling for reference.
And here's part of my husband's martial arts gym.  We still have more gym equipment to move in, but it's started.  Moving his gym to the garage has freed up an entire room for a craft room for me. Sweet!!!! 
And, as an added bonus, the size of the garage created a HUGE room upstairs.  I was picturing a crawl space attic that we couldn't quite stand up in.  Um, no.  It's huge. Do you see me by the window?  Yes, it's huge. Our current plan is to create our very own guest suite similar to this one to house the many beach loving guests who come our way.. 

And here is the (wet) view of our gardens and patio from upstairs. 
You know what the best part of the garage is?  We own it.  Yes, it's ours, with no loan.  Zero.  Paid cash.  We've been wanting a garage for nearly five years.  The bank would have approved a loan, but we weren't interested in going into debt.  (Per request, I'll post about finances soon).  We'd also like to have a mudroom in between, but not until we have the dough.  We've been nickel and diming it for the last 4 1/2 years for this garage. And the Lord has blessed us with building something bigger and better than we even imagined. And we LOVE it!

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  1. I can NOT wait to stay in the guest room.

  2. well, you don't have to wait if you'd like to sleep on sawdust in your sleeping bag :)

  3. That's nice paint color! Our exteriors will be painted in white this weekend. If I had a garage like that, I would definitely get a boost of positive energy every time I go out of the house. I love how huge your garage is! I can't wait to see the finished product!

    Alejamuel Sultz



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