It all will be okay...

Look at these beautiful, serene waters.  Love the Adirondacks. 
These beautiful, calm, serene waters change in a matter of seconds.  Beginning in the bottom right of the picture, above the waters cascade and then plummet at a speed that is so rapid that getting too close makes my heart race.  I recall coming here in my college days and feeling that strong pull as I was swimming too close.  For a nanosecond, I had that sense of fear, as I was out of control.  Thankfully I am a strong swimmer and pulled myself into a safe area.  
But at the bottom of Lampson Falls, there's serenity yet again.  The waters return to the peaceful state.  The swimming is relaxing on the little sandy beach.  The view is spectacular. The air is fresh.  The roar of the falling waters is soothing.  My heart is beating slowly, steadily and happily.
In the last few days, unpredictable happenings in our life beyond our control have left us frustrated, confused and downright angry.  We need to remember that our life is like a waterfall.  Yes, in an instant things can go from being placid to turbulent.  But with prayer, positive thoughts and patience, life will return to the beautiful state it once was.  And the best part of having a family is when things go askew, we cling to each other and use those opportunities to make our marriage stronger. 

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  1. What a perfect analogy. And thanks for the reminder that nobody or thing is ever perfect, but we just have to do the best what we do have :)



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