Summer memories...

Summer days of my childhood. How I miss thee.  Getting up with the sun, secretly waking my brother, tiptoeing downstairs.  A breakfast as quick as quick can be so we could go outside.  Barefoot. Greeting the cows, horse, pigs, chickens, sheep, cats, dogs and rabbits. Trucks in the dirt.  Buckets in the sandbox. Cabbage patch dolls on the playset.  Obstacle courses for our bikes.  'Houses' out of bales of hay in the haymow.  Wildflowers bouquets.  A fort in the woods.  Snacks out of the garden.  A cool drink from our outdoor water fountain. "C'mon kids, time to go!"   Go where?  To swimming lessons.  Had to get there for 10:00.
 And off we'd go to the beach.  Which looked so big as kid.  Here it is...
Swim lessons (with the teachers who appeared so big, but they were high schoolers). My brother shivering, claiming it was too cold for him to go in.  Friends. Sand castles.  Diving for rocks.  Picnics.  Moms watching with buckets of beans to snap and peas to shell.  Craft time (my fave).  Popsicles from the concession stand.  "C'mon kids, time to go!"   "Five minutes on the playground, pleeeease?"  "Okay". 

And now, I can enjoy the same little beach with my little one.  Spashing. Waving at the kids. Dropping rocks. Waving at the kids.  Digging.  Waving at the kids.  Not sure why waving at the kids is the favorite pastime, particularly since they're too busy to notice, but nevertheless, we wave.  Even if no one waves back.

How special that I was able to meet my friends who are also mamas to continue this tradition. And it's even more special that there are now walking trails.  This mama and baby are starting a new vacation tradition.  Walks together to watch the sunset. 
 What a marvelous life I live. 

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