A little respite close to home

Happiness is...

Digging out the canoe my dad built and taking it to restful waters.
Letting the dog frolic and prance in the refreshing waters.
Dragging my feet in the water as daddy paddles, soaking in the warm sun.

Listening to raspberries from my little one relaxing.
Glancing over my shoulder to smile at the love of my life.
Paddling over to a blueberry bush to pick some fresh wild Maine blueberries, without needing to get out of the boat.
Wanting to pop them all in my mouth immediately, but instead share with my little fruit lover.
Cooling off together with giggles.  Always giggles.
Appreciating the pleasures of staying close to home.
Wondering where the whole afternoon went?
Creating unforgettable memories with my little family. 
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