DIY: Patio

This was our DIY project in 2009.  My brother was visiting and my husband had a couple of days off.  I found over $100 of edging and stakes on the side of the road with a FREE sign.  I took that as a sign that we 'needed' a patio.  So, I ordered the supplies to put in our own patio.  My brother was a good sport.  My husband was not excited to get signed up for another one of my ideas (as usual).  But they both cooperated and it turned out even better than I had hoped.  And it has wintered 2 winters perfectly.
Here's the before (blah):
Here's the immediately after:
This surface used to be a pool for the previous owners.  I thought that the prepping they had done with the rocks and sand would make the perfect base for a patio.  We measured out where we wanted the one foot square concrete bricks to go.   Dug the dirt out, pounded the ground flat and placed the bricks.  We placed edging with stakes to make sure it stays put.  Pounded the bricks in and filled in between the bricks with sand. It was actually easier than I thought and went fairly quickly with my free (grouchy) labor.  It has sustained 2 winters and is really quite awesome!

Each year I keep adding to the gardens (most importantly is my herb garden...LOVE that!). Here is what it looks like now (last picture): .  I think it will be 2-3 more years before the gardens are the way I want them to be, but it's getting there.

Although it was quite a bit of work, the patio is perfect for entertaining.

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